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Editing Captions

To edit the caption or text for a post please follow these specific steps:

Click the three dots / then EDIT on the selected post
Media tab - Change image if desired
Caption tab -
Scroll down a little - click the pencil to EDIT the caption (Do not hit the Add New Caption button as it will result with having two captions which is used for queues)
Once the pencil is clicked the caption will move up to the top box, edit the caption to get it like you would want it to show for most networks
THEN hit the megaphone which will allow you to have a different caption for each network (note the caption disappears when you click the megaphone so click a tab to see it again then you are able to change again in the top box... Example add hashtags to your Instagram caption.
When finished editing caption click Update Caption Button
Category tab - Add / change category if you like (this helps you to sort content or even group to add to a queue in the future)
Publishing tab - Select the networks it should be posted to
Click Update to save your changes.

If editing from the CALENDAR it will update the scheduled post. If these steps are done from the CONTENT LIBRARY you will need to click POST NOW or SCHEDULE POST to schedule the post on the calendar

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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