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Troubleshooting Connecting Instagram for Direct Posting

To direct post to Instagram the Instagram API for 3rd party posting only supports Business Instagram accounts (not Creator or Personal Accounts) that have been connected to a Facebook Page.

To convert your Instagram Personal account to a Business account, click here:

To connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram Business account, watch the following video.

Once you have confirmed that your Instagram is a Business Account and connected to a Facebook Page that you manage you can retry to add the account to Socially Suite.

To add your account, click the ‘Add Account’ button for the Instagram Network then add the Facebook account that manages your Business Instagram account.

IMPORTANT You must leave ALL Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts switched on during the authentication process after clicking 'Add Accounts' below or your posts will fail on ALL of your accounts.

Once connected you should be able to direct post to Instagram. Please watch for periodic notices from Socially Suite that you need to reauthenticate. All social networks require a reauthentication every 30 - 90 days.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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