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Connecting Your Instagram and Facebook Page for Direct Posting

To direct post to the social networks Meta/Facebook require your Instagram account to be a Business or Creator account and be connected to a Facebook Page. If you do not already have a Facebook page you should go ahead and create one. If you are doing business your posts should be under a Facebook page as it is meant for business. Another huge plus for having one is that it is searchable by the search engines so it is another place for you to be found and people learn about you. It is helpful for search engine rankings to have your website linked as well. With Socially Suite you will have plenty of great content to post but if you choose to not post to it you still can benefit from having the page... think of it as a mini website for people to learn about you and your products or services.

Search your Facebook Page
Switch into managing your Facebook Page
Click Settings in the left menu
Click Linked Accounts
Connect your Instagram Account (note it must be a business or creator account)

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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